The Notepad is an activity in JumpStart Preschool (1995). It is accessed by clicking on the Notepad in the classroom. It is intended to teach numerical and alphabetical order for preschoolers.


The player must connect the dots in a certain order to make a picture. The dots will have either numbers of letters beside them, depending on which mode in currently selected. The player can alternate modes by clicking on either the 123 button or ABC button at the right side of the screen.

The player must click on all of the dots in the correct order. The correct sequence is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once all of the dots have been clicked, a colorful animation will play.

The player can change pictures by clicking on the left and right arrows near the bottom right corner of the screen.

Difficulty level differences

  • Level one: This level features numbers 1-5, and letters A-E.
  • Level two: This level features numbers 1-8, and letters A-H.
  • Level three: This level features numbers 1-12, and letters A-L.

Digital manual description

Improve number and letter sequencing skills.

Click on the Notepad on the right hand side of the table.

Click on the icons containing letters to learn about ordering letters or click on the icon containing numbers to learn about ordering numbers.

The purpose of the game is to click on all of the dots in order to create a picture. This activity will begin with 5 dots identified by either letters or numbers. Kisha the Koala Bear will provide you with instructions. For help in selecting dots in order, look at the Letter or Number Strip at the bottom of the screen. This Strip will contain the sequential order of letters for the letter Dot-to-Dot Game or the sequential list of numbers. To select a Dot, just click on it. After you have selected a Dot, it will become red, and a line will appear in between it and the previous Dot on which you have clicked. Once you have clicked on all of the Dots in order, an animation will play. Use the Forward Arrow to select a new picture. Use the Previous Arrow to select a picture you have already completed. To return to the classroom, click on the Arrow on the lower right hand side of the screen.