The Painting Gallery is one of the activities on the First Floor in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. It is found in the Art Gallery. As with the Music Hall, this activity lacks difficulty levels.


Polly reads a short story (typically about two sentences long) that she has written and asks for an illustration to be drawn. The user must then select the appropriate background and add the stamps and music or sound effects needed. There are eight empty frames to choose from in four columns and two rows. If the painting is right, it rewards with a Mission Clue or Invention Points.


  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Ocean
  • Space
  • Haunted House
  • Living Room


  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Chartreuse
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Blinking Yellow
  • Blinking Red
  • Blinking Green



  • bird
  • dragonfly
  • frog
  • mushroom
  • worm
  • butterfly


  • scorpion
  • armadillo
  • raincloud and lightning
  • rock
  • mouse
  • cow skull


  • octopus
  • goldfish
  • porcupine fish
  • conch shell
  • starfish
  • coral


  • rocket
  • shuttle
  • astronaut
  • UFO
  • van with six wheels
  • bone rocket

Haunted House

  • ghost
  • mummy
  • skeleton
  • coffin
  • jar with brain
  • bat

Living Room

  • boy with truck
  • girl
  • woman with vacuum cleaner
  • spaceship with alien
  • ball
  • winged television

Digital manual description

Create your own paintings to hang in the gallery! The Professor's got all the latest drawing tools, animated stickers, even glowing paint! Since Polly's in charge here, when you enter the Painting Gallery, she'll demand that you illustrate a story she's written. Please her lopsided sensibility, and she'll give you a Mission Clue or Invention Points.

  • Click on an empty frame to begin a new painting.
  • To finish a painting you began earlier, just click on it.
  • If you've filled up the gallery, click on any painting and erase it.

When you're up close to the canvas, you can:

  • Choose any tool by clicking on it.
  • Choose colors from the bottom of the frame.
  • Click on the Background button and add your own touches to one of the Professor's own paintings.
  • Click on the Sticker button to add stickers to your painting. Some of them even animate! Just select an animated sticker from the sticker menu, hold down the mouse button while you drag the sticker around your painting, then release the button and watch it move!
  • Add sound or music to your artwork by clicking the Sound button.
  • Click on the New button to start over with a fresh canvas.
  • Print your work by clicking on the Print button.
  • Save your picture and hang it in the gallery by clicking on the Back button on the Utility Belt and saving your work. You can save up to eight pictures.



JumpStart 3rd Grade - The Painting Gallery

JumpStart 3rd Grade - The Painting Gallery