Punk-Punks are a type of creature that appear in several JumpStart games.


Sketches of various land-dwelling Punk-Punks from the JumpStart Blog

Punk-Punks are small bipedal creatures. The appearance of Punk-Punk can vary significantly depending on its type.

Land-dwelling Punks-Punks

These Punk-Punks have fur and paws, and live only on land. They inhabit AdventureLand. Their fur can be a variety of colors, although brown seems to be the most common. Their mouths are typically not visible when closed.

Sleeping Punk-Punks

This is a variation of Land-dwelling Punk-Punks, distinguished by their sleepy demeanor and sleeping caps. They differ from other Punk-Punks in a particular way - jumping on them produces a much higher bounce than a normal Punk-Punk.

Water-dwelling Punk-Punks

These Punk-Punks have fish-like fins, scaly skin and live only underwater. They inhabit MarineLand. Their scales can be a variety of colors, although blueish-green seems to be the most common. Their mouths are typically not visible when closed.

Shadow Punks

These are a rare breed of Punk-Punk whose appearance varies greatly from the land-dwelling and water-dwelling Punk-Punks. They have gray skin, several points on top of their heads, and skinny arms and legs with claws. Their eyes, which resemble orbs, can come in a few colors, such as green, yellow, and purple.

Personality and Characteristics

Punk-Punks are generally described as pesky, mischevious troublemakers. They do not appear to speak, but make growling or grumbling sounds.

In JumpStart Magic & Mythies, Shadow Punks are described as nasty creatures that harm nature and damage the environment.


Land-dwelling and water-dwelling Punk-Punks once roamed freely throughout all of JumpStart, causing mischief and havoc wherever they went. In 1900, the panic caused by the Punk-Punks, which came to be known as "The Punk Punk Fiasco of 1900", lead to the formation of the organization S.P.L.A.T., which sought to deal with the troublesome Punk-Punks. The efforts of S.P.L.A.T. resulted in the Punk-Punks being contained in AdventureLand and MarineLand.

Shadow Punks are said to have attacked Terra about 100 years prior to the events of JumpStart Magic & Mythies.

In the Games

World of JumpStart

Punk-Punks appear as enemies in several places. Land-dwelling Punk-Punks inhabit AdventureLand, water-dwelling Punk-Punks inhabit MarineLand, and Shadow Punks inhabit Poseidon's Hangout.

Punk-Punks also appear in various activities, once again as obstacles for the player to avoid.

JumpStart Deep Sea Escape

Water-dwelling Punk-Punks appear in this game as obstacles.

JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island

Land-dwelling and water-dwelling Punk-Punks appear in this game as obstacles.

JumpStart Crazy Karts

Punk-Punks appear on the obstacles.

JumpStart Punk Punk Blitz

This is a puzzle game where players have to quickly match up Punk-Punks. In this game, Punk-Punks come in several colors, each with a different facial expression as well: orange (angry), yellow (scared), green (sick), light blue (confused), dark blue (gloomy), brown (sleepy), and pink (feminine). When Punk-Punks are matched, they can form bonuses, such as bombs, swirls, and clocks. The bombs have the same color and face of the type of Punk-Punk they were formed from.

JumpStart Magic & Mythies

In this game, Shadow Punks invade Terra, and elves and Jumpeez band together to thwart them.


  • Shadow Punks are mentioned in an error message in World of JumpStart. If the player experiences a connection error, the error message will say "Oh no, looks like the Shadow Punks are at it again! Please try to connect again later.


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