Rowan is a male elf character who appears in JumpStart Magic & Mythies.


Rowan has short brown shaggy hair, green eyes, long pointy ears, and two insect-like antenna sticking out of his head. He wears a white shirt under a green long-sleeved shirt with a greenish-brown sash, maroon pants, and a tall green cone-shaped hat that curls at the tip.

Personality and Characteristics

Rowan possess the element of earth. Willow found him near a waterfall when he was a baby with no clues as to how he got there. Willow couldn't locate his home and family, so she raised Rowan as her own son.

Rowan is compassionate, caring, and gentle. Although he is physically strong, he is very pacifistic and hates combat. He is very talented at raising and caring for Mythies, and he spends much of his time at the Mythie Grottos. However, Rowan is shy around other elves and has trouble socializing with them. Asher often reassures Rowan, while also looking to Rowan for advice.


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