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ScienceLand, also known as Uncle Milton's Amazing ScienceLand, is a location which appears in World of JumpStart. It was first added to the game in 2010.[1] The activities in this location are designed to teach various science concepts.


In ScienceLand, plays can explore a natural setting and learn about various topics related to life science. Along the way, players can collect various 'factoids'. Although ScienceLand is designed for kids of all ages, many of its activities and topics skew towards a slightly older age range than many of the other locations in World of JumpStart.

Activities/Locations Within ScienceLand

  • Queen Ant Maze
  • StarGazer
  • Quizinator
  • Minisaurs Fishbowl
  • Gel Colony Bounce House
  • Flying Ant Ride
  • StarScope Theater


  • The addition of ScienceLand resulted from JumpStart collaborating with Uncle Milton Industries, Inc., a company that manufactures toys, mainly toys that are educational and themed around science and nature. Some of ScienceLand's features, such as the Gel Colony Bounce House and the Queen Ant Maze, were inspired by Uncle Milton's Ant Farm brand.[2]


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