"Sybil In the Caves of Cumae" is a song that appears in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders.


"Sybil In the Caves of Cumae" plays when the player clicks on Sybil at the Caves of Cumae location. Sybil herself appears to be singing the song. The song doesn't contain any educational concepts.


Sybil in the Caves of Cumae song


In the ruins of Cumae is an ancient colony

Built by the Greeks in Naples Italy.

And just down the hill as the ruins begin

Is a cave where the curious people may go in.

Did you know I have a job?

It's to give advice to you

Help you find your way

And be quite nice to you.

But only beginners may enter this cave

There are words proclaiming it

See they are engraved.

In the Caves of Cumae

Where you look in the eye

of the future right now.


There was once a time

People asked me questions.

I would study them

and offer my suggestions.

But that was long before

No one asks anymore.

If you enter here with me

I will be your oracle.

The treasures you will see

every one is a miracle.

Just look at the rocks

As if each one was new

and the gift of insight

May be born in you.

In the Caves of Cumae

Come and look in the eye

of the future right now.


Song Credits

  • Music Composer and Producer: Randy Hale
  • Lyrics: Adryan Russ
  • Vocal Performances: Maura Driscoll
  • Song Arrangements: David Pinto
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