The Hooverville Museum of Art and Geography is a location in Hooverville and the first activity in every "round" of JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective.

In the beginning of the game, when Jo Hammet was on a field trip with her class, she literally bumped into a man (later revealed to be named Martin). Martin was then carried away by a bunch of thugs. However, he left a mysterious pair of dark glasses behind. Later a talking rat named B.F. Skinny shows up with a crossword. The crossword asks various questions relating to art and geography. The user is enabled to, if they wish, look throughout the museum to find the answers necessary to complete the crossword. Once the crossword puzzle is completed, Jo decodes it & finds the address that she must go to in the next activity.


In clockwise order according to door led from.


Renaissance & Baroque Art

Symbolist, Romantic, Rococo, Realist, & Pre-Raphaelite Art

  • Thomas Eakins - Portrait of Henry A. Rowland
  • Gustave Dore - Bible Illustration

Impressionist Art

Modern Art & Photography