The sabotaged sites are six locations in Hooverville that appear in JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective.


For each mission in the game, Dr. X will target a certain location in Hooverville and plan to detonate a bomb there. Each time this happens, Martin will send B. F. Skinny to deliver a note that will reveal which site is being sabotaged to Jo Hammet at the Hooverville Museum of Art and Geography.

After figuring out which site is being targeted, Jo must go there are investigate. Getting inside of a site requires unlocking the doors, after which Jo will come across Dr. X's goons and can find of the details of Dr. X's plan by reading their minds.

After Jo has collected all of the necessary materials for foiling Dr. X's plan around Hooverville, she must return to the site that is currently being sabotaged and diffuse the bomb there. The technicians in each of the sites can give hints and tips on how to reach the bomb. This process repeats for each of the sabotaged sites in the game. Over the course of the game, six sites are targeted: Oak & Main, Vail & Kent, Pico & Mill, Vine & Rye, Pine & Bell, and Dale & Nut.