Time Machine Mission Control is a location in Mystery Mountain, appearing in JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. It is located on the Third Floor and is where the user and Botley must go to after getting all four Mission Clues and enough Invention Points (about 1000 points or better) in order to access the Time Machine.

Wheel of Invention

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Time Machine

JumpStart 3rd Grade - The Time Machine

JumpStart 3rd Grade - The Time Machine

After the Wheel of Invention is completed, the user enters the Time Machine. All the information learned at the Wheel is on the readouts near the viewing window. Botley pulls the lever and travels back in time with the user to find one of the missing robots about to mess up history. The player has to hit the Recall button -- the button with the hand icon found near the bottom right corner of the viewing window. The robot is then recalled, history is back on track, and Botley and the user travel back to the future.

Robot Roost

Robot Roost

The Robot Roost

The Robot Roost is the given name for the place where each of the rescued robots are stored. After a robot has been rescued, the user begins a new mission by selecting another question from the TransQuizzer. The game continues in this manner until all twenty-five robots are returned to the present, at which point the game is completed. After the game is completed, the Wheel of Invention and the Time Machine cannot be used.

Dialogue of Botley

"That's where the professor stores the time machine. There's no way to open it, though, until we have all of Polly's mission clues and, of course, enough invention points."

Digital manual description

Enter Time Machine Mission Control through the passageway on the third floor of the Mountain Mansion. On the left side of Mission Control is the Wheel of Invention. It's here where you'll learn where and when you have to go back in history to retrieve Polly's robot - before it's too late. Just click on the Wheel to get started.