The TransQuizzer

The TransQuizzer is an object used throughout the game JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain. On the TransQuizzer, Ms. Winkle poses a historical question for Polly Spark, and Polly gives a surrealistic and humorous answer. Polly then appears on a monitor to state which robot she has sent back in time for the question and to list the four Mission Clues that need to be found for the mission.

The TransQuizzer requires a QuizDisk, which contains five of the history questions.

There are 100 activities to play in Mystery Mountain for Invention Points.


There are five QuizDisks in the game, each with five questions total.

# Question Polly's Answer Real Answer Robot
QuizDisk 1
1 Today we know that the earth revolves around what? Me, Polly Spark! The Sun
2 What did athletes at the Ancient Olympics get for winning? A bouquet of flowers & a diamond tiara! A laurel crown
3 Baseball was invented in the summer. Why do you think basketball was invented during the winter? So that snowmen would have something to play! To provide kids with an indoor sport during winter
4 When you get sick, the role of a doctor is to figure out what's wrong with you, & then prescribe the treatment necessary to get you better. What's the role of a nurse? To serve you lots of ice cream & cake! To take care of patients & give them their prescribed medicine
5 Why was SCUBA diving invented? For jumping off really high diving boards! So undersea explorers don't have to be attached to their ships
QuizDisk 2
1 A helicopter is an aircraft that's lifted into the sky by one or two powerful whirling rotors. Why didn't the person who first invented the helicopter build one? Someone spilled spaghetti sauce on his designs! There was no motor invented to power it
2 Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What was the first breakfast cereal made from? Frozen worms, ice cream, & cold-water salmon! Toasted corn flakes

What makes radium glow?

It comes complete with AA batteries! It's radioactive!
4 What was the first chewing gum made from?  Super glue! Sap from an evergreen tree
5 The world's very first painting was done on a wall. What was the painting of? A sad clown on black velvet! Hunting scenes painted on cave walls
QuizDisk 3
1 What was the first recorded sound? An electric guitar! Thomas Edison, saying "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
2 What was the world's first manmade paper used for?  Making spit balls, paper airplanes, & paper dolls! Packing material, clothing, & personal hygiene
3 For centuries people wondered what the shape of the earth was. How did people prove once & for all that the earth was round? By taking a picture of it from the moon. By sailing around the world
4 Explosives can be deadly & they can be useful. Dynamite was first invented for what purpose? It was for the world's first exploding cigar!  It was used for blasting rocks to make mines & tunnels.
5 What was seen through the lens of the world's first microscope? A tiny creature taking a bath! Tiny fleas & bacteria
QuizDisk 4
1 What did people first write on? Word processors!  Clay tablets
2 What was the outside of the world's first sausage made of? A pair of old socks! Animal intestines 
3 The Egyptian bikes had no pedals & neither did the first modern bikes. So, how were the first modern bikes powered? Twin jet engines! By kicking with your feet
4 What was the first wheel used for? A steering wheel! To spin pottery
5 What makes milk safe to drink? Cows are gently heated before being milked! The milk is heated. This is called pasteurization.
QuizDisk 5
1 The people who made the first made the first boomerang didn't know why it worked, they only knew that it worked. What was the first boomerang used for? Delivering the mail! As weapons used for hunting & warfare 
2 The world's first money were coins. Why were coins invented? So people could get candy out of vending machines So people could trade goods easily
3 What were mankind's first tools used for? For making household repairs For cutting food, because people don't have sharp teeth or claws.
4 There are countless musical instruments throughout the world. What kind of instrument is the saxophone? It's something like an electric drum set, only bigger.   Single-reed wind instrument
5 The first toilets were invented long before Queen Elizabeth sat on her throne. How did the world's first toilets flush? You pushed a button & it exploded They used the tides to clean away waste.