Where Is Hopsalot? is a JumpStart storybook that was first released as a printable book in 2005. It is book 2 of the "Reading Readiness Readers" series. It is mainly intended to teach the short vowel sounds for I, O, and U.

A physical copy of the book was included with the JumpStart Ready to Learn System bundle, released in 2007.

A digital version of the story with colored illustrations was later included in the games JumpStart 3D Virtual World: My First Adventure and JumpStart Academy Kindergarten.



The book tells about how Hopsalot loves to hop about, and asks the reader where Hopsalot went. Several locations for Hopsalot's whereabouts are suggested, but it turns out each of the other JumpStart pals is there instead. Then Hopsalot is found digging up carrots to eat.

The digital version of the story that appears in games has 13 pages, but the printable and physical versions of the storybook have two additional pages. The first page has a list of words separated by whether they contain the short letter O sound, short letter I sound, or short letter U sound. The second page has a coloring activity where the reader is asked to color in spaces with words that have a short letter O, I or U sound.


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